it’s tough to lose a good partner 

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Okay but what if Coulson fights too long between spells with his hypergraphia and they’re all on the BUS somewhere so he has no other choice than to sit there and fidget until May suddenly takes his hand and places his fingers on her palm and he traces out the symbols on her skin for the entire ride and-






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What makes this scene so nice is the fact that Mack doesn’t even try to guess the right word. He’s not doing what Imaginary Simmons did in similiar situations. He’s not telling Fitz to be patient, he’s not telling him to take his time. He’s not telling him he will remember the right expression in time.


Mack is basically saying that the exact phrase doesn’t matter for him. That he doesn’t care about all these words Fitz can’t remember. That it’s okay to not understand somethnig.

This scene shows that Fitz is still capable of doing awesome things, even if he can’t communicate like he used to. And that Mack, as a person who hasn’t met Fitz before, doesn’t have a problem with it. 

It’s nice to see that someone finally started treating Fitz like a thinking person, in contrast to the rest of the team: worring about his mental state and being overprotective in every interaction (I mean, ok, it’s sweet of them, but Fitz is well aware that he’s not the same, he doesn’t need a constant reminder about it) 

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Crack!Theory: Lance falls for Simmons, but she’s completely disinterested in him. He only falls harder.

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Watching this show was the worst decision I’ve ever made.

While I loved Mack helping Fitz in the last episode, I was really annoyed with the reaction of the other scientists. I might be reading too much into it, but they seriously WERE looking at him like he was crazy, like "oh, there goes Fitz again." It really irked me. They didn't want to help at all, and that could have been a big part of why Fitz started hallucinating (among other things). Ugh I just can't get over Fitz being alone for so long and the reasons for it. Thank God for Mack though
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Amen. This. All of the above.

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superimaginarygirl said: I always find the name maynard weird so i’m not really sad they changed it tbh lol even though i was used to it by now. but thanks for the explantations i didn’t know all those things about their names ;)

No problem, darlin! I’m a bit of a name nerd, so it was something I was already paying attention to. Thanks for coming to me with your question. :)


Dear AoS people stalking the blogs and tags,

You know what would really kill me on the show? Take a gander at my devastating and thrilling ideas:

+ The George Foreman grill stops working. Coulson is crying, and it’s up to Fitz and Mack to fix it. Can the team handle the pressure?

+ May and Skye vs Trip and Lance in laser tag, and May and Skye start getting really upset when the boys keep winning. It doesn’t seem right. Turns out, someone has been adjusting the score…dun dun dun

+ A bloodcurling scream echoes through the base. The team scrambles in panic as they realize it’s Jemma’s voice and Fitz and Simmons are nowhere to be found. Agent Koenig is has locked himself away and won’t come out. The team arrives in the room the scream came from to find out that Koenig had erased Simmons’ Doctor Who recording. Fitz tries desperately to restore it.

These are our worst, most nail-biting and heartbreaking ideas. Please adapt these gently. 

why do you think it's worse than maynard is now christian? perso, i thought it was a change made on the show actually. that maynard changed his name so no one can retrace his real origin

Hmm…that’s an interesting theory, and if proven true I guess I wouldn’t have much of a problem with it (besides the obvious that he’s shady as all heck).

Personally I think the writers decided to change his name because Maynard was never actually spoken out loud on the show, so they really didn’t have any canonical reasons not to change it other than the fact that it was listed in the credits.

My problem is that when we first realized his name was Maynard, it was before Ward’s big HYDRA reveal. Names are a big deal in Marvel, the MCU, and I think specifically in AoS. It was ironic enough that Maynard Ward, or “Strong Protector,” was a bully to his younger brothers. But then after Ward’s loyalties were revealed, as well as his full name, the irony turned much darker, since Grant Douglas Ward means “Great Dark Protector.”

I think the writers changed his brother’s name to Christian to further highlight the mentality that Skye and many others have - that those who are respected, those who preach “moral” integrity, could never be a part of something so evil as to what happened to Ward when he was growing up. It’s just like an added knife to the gut, in my opinion. Clever writing (almost too clever), but cruel.


You’re the hero.